If Mallika Sherawat not Evicted From Her Paris Apartment, then what is truth of this story,

According to few leading entertainment portals, it is being said that Mallika Sherawat has been evicted from her Paris apartment for non-payment of rent worth $94,000.

In a December 14 ruling seen by AFP, the court told Sherawat and her French husband Cyrille Auxenfans to pay 78,787 euros (USD 94,000) in rent owed and expenses, giving the green light for their furniture to be seized.

But according to Mallika Sherwat the truth is different. She clarified in a facebook post about this story plese read below her tweet.

However, Mallika Sherawat has put all the speculations to rest as she took to her Twitter account and tweeted about the same. She said, “I hv said it before & I am saying it again, I DO NOT OWN or RENT any apt in Paris!! I have been in Los Angeles & India since last 8 months, I DO NOT live in Paris,pls do not spread false rumours !”

Now it is up to you to decide what may be the truth.

See Some pics of Mallika Sherwat,

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